The Advisory Pathway Platform
For Australian Accountants.

Ceezar is a free service that allows Accountants to learn new technology,
marketing and branding, so they can deliver their clients better services
to survive, grow and perform.

Ceezar is simple to use


Fill Out The Brief

Click the ‘Register Your Clients’ button. Once confirmed you’ll be directed to your clients Ceezar Briefing session that takes only 2 minutes.


Ceezar Report Delivery

Ceezar compiles a report which includes technical knowledge, solutions and products for the Accountants client business and brand.


Engage Ceezar

Ceezar works with the Accountant, or directly with their clients, to review the Ceezar Report and activate the appropriate Ceezar products.

Case Studies

Barc For Pets

eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Business Growth Strategy, Brand Positioning.

Blue Build

CMS Website, Google Advertising, SEO, Social Media Community Engagement.

Craft Nation

eCommerce Website, Brand Creative Direction, Email Marketing, Business Strategy.

Workflow Examples


Briefing Example

Here Accountants can see what the Ceezar Briefing stage looks like. 


Report Example

Here both Accountant and Accountants Client can view a sample Ceezar Report that is generated at Ceezar Briefing.


Project Example

Here both Accountant and their Client can view a Case Study on a marketing project completed after Ceezar Report.

Helping Accountants take the lead in advisory services.

Ceezar is the free support service for Accountants.

Purposefully built to provide Accountants the opportunity to take an advisory lead, and provide marketing and technology solutions and knowledge for their clients.

The Ceezar Platform offers Accountants a simple service — run your clients business through Ceezar Reporting. A simple yet tailored review of brand, marketing and technology assets that make your clients survive, grow or perform.

Accountants can converse directly with Ceezar about their clients Report, or send it on to their clients. The Ceezar Report is a simple form of Advisory Services. Here, the Accountant can take a lead in their clients brand, marketing and technology solutions via Ceezar.

Start creating better relationships within your Accounting firm client roster, offer Brand and Marketing Advisory Services.

Accountants can deliver brand and marketing advisory. All made easy with Ceezar.

How Accountants are using Ceezar

Learn New Technologies

Learn eCommerce

Begin Advisory Services

Build Digital Knowledge

Build Clients Businesses

Help SME Clients Survive

Pursue Accountancy Firm Longevity

Strengthen Client Relationships

Ceezar cares about your clients numbers

Assisting Advisory

Ceezar is here to primarily support Accountants and their journey into Advisory Services for the benefit of their clients. It’s free, try it today!


Ceezar’s Marketing Equation

G12 is Ceezar’s proprietary equation that assigns an SME the most appropriate level of investment towards marketing.


Annette Tasker
Ceezar Advisor

“A Hot Date For The Advisory Accountant”

24th November, 2020

Afiya Levy
Ceezar Accountant
“Ceezar is a great service for our industry.”
17th November, 2020
Michelle Flood
IPA Partnership Manager
“A great support partner for our network.”
23rd October, 2020

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