Ceezar is designed to help Accountants step into the advisory role.

Ceezar is a free service, providing Accountants marketing and technology products and knowledge to deliver to their clients. Ceezar was designed to assist SME’s survive, evolve, and ultimately become better clients for you.

Our goal is create a communication network between the Accountant, their clients and Ceezar. If we can help Accountants better inform their clients – we’ve succeeded.

Ceezar is a networking model developed by COG Branding marketing agency. Via stimulus projects completed with the Australian Government and Deloitte, a range of insights surrounding Australian SME’s and Accountants was discovered that gave birth to Ceezar.

Ceezar is the Accountant focused marketing and technology briefing system that allows any Accountant to take the lead in advising their clients on business elements like eCommerce, digital marketing, branding and business strategy. Ceezar strips back the complexity and provides the simplified information for Accountants to be able to better advise their clients.

Ceezar allows both Advisor Accountant and Business owner more time to manage business.

We believe communication should be as effortless between Accountants and their clients, and together we can assist in your Advisory services journey.

How Ceezar is helping Accountants step into Advisory

Working With SME’s

The Ceezar mandate is to build as many strong Aussie SME brands as we can, the more we work with, the better we become.

Working With Accountants

The Ceezar team is constantly working with practising accountants to gain further industry insight.


A critical factor to the success of Ceezar is that it is supported by COG Branding, a full service branding agency located in Sydney.

The support COG Branding delivers ensures that the Ceezar brand and marketing product suite is powered by people. While the Ceezar solutions are packaged and delivered as products, the people are central to all operations and communications.

The Ceezar Value Set

Networked Relationships

Digital Futures 

Efficiency & Value

Australian Focused

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