We’re empowering small businesses
to launch marketing campaigns easily

Ceezar’s mission is to help small businesses remain lean with their overheads and marketing budgets by providing a simple effective service that launches marketing campaigns.

Ceezar is changing how small business markets their products and services

Think back to the last time you launched a marketing campaign—time flew by, as did the dollars as hard to define costs, terminology and the absence of sincere service. 

That’s how Ceezar came about.

What Ceezar is really good at is stripping back the information that’s needed, and ditching what isn’t. Ceezar eliminates the complexity and needless grey area. With Ceezar you end up with more time to run your business.

Work is hard enough. It’s time to create some room to breathe

At Ceezar we’re building a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture is organized, activated and managed. With Ceezar each person in the business is able to focus on their actual job role and not pretending to be the marketing manager with that spare 5 minutes.
This clarity, transparency, and focus allows small businesses to remain competitive on their product and service by using an efficient and cost effective resource for marketing campaign management.

We believe communication should be as effortless between people and their messages, as it is between our own brains and bodies. Focus on running your business and let Ceezar have your #MarketingMadeEasy

By allowing businesses to focus on running the business, we level the playing field and create new opportunities.

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At Ceezar our team stays connected through our shared mission and values

These values are commitments to each other. They provide the backbone for Ceezar processes and our daily interactions in the office and with our customers. We believe that—in the long run—the commitments lead to a thriving culture and a more successful Ceezar, for ourselves and our customers.

Focused on our mission

We continually ground in why we’re building Ceezar: #MarketingMadeEasy. We attempt to establish a clear simple path to market small business. We answer complex marketing communication issues by asking the question: how can this be done in simpler terms while still delivery premium results?

Embracing mindfulness, remaining composed

The Ceezar Team starts with awareness. We let go of stories we’re telling ourselves about heroes, victims, and villains, and we accept wherever we are. We reflect on our past experiences and we act intentionally.

Practice balance in all things

Though it is tempting to pick an extreme point of view or compromise between two poles, the best outcomes often require incorporating elements of each extreme or, better yet, transcending them altogether through synthesis.

Clarify who’s doing what by when, how, and why

A fundamental problem with modern work is that too much time is spent trying to figure out what’s going on. We try to make it as easy as possible for teams to have the information they need to excel at their work.

Take and give full responsibility

Ceezar is an ongoing functional experiment in the idea that the responsibility should be distributed among a great team of peers that respect and trust each other, so we proactively build relationships and seek to understand each other. We empower each other.

Be real with yourself and others

We take our commitments to each other seriously. We admit when we’re wrong. We treat ourselves as whole people at work. We feel our feelings all the way through and we’re not afraid to give constructive feedback or disagree. We embrace reality.

Create and play together

We are co-creating Ceezar together, and we’re playful while we do it. We maintain an attitude of curiosity, fearlessness, and creativity around tough problems. We embrace failure as learning and celebrate iteration. We don’t hide from our quirks. We appreciate each other and don’t take success for granted.

We’re all about results

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