Ceezar has the brand and marketing growth equation for your SME clients.

What Is The Ceezar Growth Equation (G12)



Research & Insight

It utilises business critical information supplied at the Ceezar Briefing stage which enables the equation to function. Here the Ceezar Report is made possible.



Communications Tool

It simplifies complex language and activities surrounding strategic marketing to allow communication between Accountant > Client > Ceezar. 



Marketing Strategy

It generates a tailored marketing strategy that correlates with a range of company specific factors, allowing sustainable brand and business activities to begin.

We know your clients can thrive with G12.

G12 is the brand and marketing growth equation for Australian SME’s.

We began using G12 with Australian Government / Deloitte stimulus projects. Deloitte selected us to assist SME’s onboard new technology, execute digital marketing, and build eCommerce websites.

G12 ensures accuracy in the allocation of the marketing investment for SME’s by considering the businesses numbers. This is important because marketing agencies tend to sell a promise, as opposed to providing a sustainable marketing strategy that correlates with the companies financial position.

The Ceezar product suite is categorized by Strategy, Digital, Design, Print & Promo, and when you register your client, the report generated from Ceezar at briefing will introduce you and your client to the Ceezar product Suite.

So, what is G12?
It’s an algorithm that considers key elements (eg: EBIT) to determine the level and type of investment in brand and marketing activities.

G12 is Ceezar’s I.P.
While G12 is our secret, we can inform you that it’s underpinned by –

  • Forming an integral link to onboarding an SME via a 7 step process. (Using the EBIT is 1 of the steps, though not mandatory).
  • G12 KPI’s: reduce spend, charge more, close more sales, operate more efficiently,
    increase referrals.
  • G12 Deliverables: greater brand recognition, higher value in service and product offering, higher confidence in the business transaction and higher productivity of the business.

G12 determines what Ceezar products to activate. This aligns the SME’s past, present & future reality with marketing activity that is tailored, feasible and strategic. The power is in the Ceezar Product Suite. A full service marketing offer purposely built to deliver value to Aussie SME’s.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does it cost Accountants anything to use Ceezar?

No, Ceezar is 100% Free for Accountants.

(The services delivered in the Ceezar Report for the Accountants Clients are billed accordingly).

Does G12 and Ceezar work, is it proven?

Ceezar and G12 does work, and has been refined over a many years. 

COG Branding was employed by Deloitte via the Australian Government Stimulus programs, here Ceezar was developed, put into function and refined for Australian SME’s. 

Ceezar can provide case studies on request. 

After we register our clients, what's in the report?

The Ceezar Report will provide a summary on the businesses position in the market place and general brand health.

Ceezar Report also includes the most appropriate Ceezar Products to activate in direct response to the Report Discoveries.

The suggested products are derived via the G12 equation and will be clearly rationalised in the Ceezar Report.

How long does the report take to come through after briefing?

The Ceezar report will take between 3 and 5 business days, and will need to consider public holidays and festive seasons.

Will my client understand G12, the report and the Ceezar product Suite?

The Ceezar Report and Ceezar Products have been built specifically for Accountants and Australian SME’s. 

The language and information provided assumes that both Accountant and Business Owner are not experts in Branding, Marketing and Digital Technologies, so Ceezar takes responsibility for the delivery of clear comprehensive information and clarity.

How Accountants are using G12 and Ceezar

Learn New Technologies

Learn eCommerce

Begin Advisory Services

Build Digital Knowledge

Build Clients Businesses

Help SME Clients Survive

Purse Accountancy Firm Longevity

Strengthen Client Relationships

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