Here for Advisory Accountants

Ceezar is here to primarily support Accountants and their journey into Advisory Services for the benefit of their clients.

Learn Brand & Marketing Advisory Services

Brand & Marketing For SME's

The Ceezar focus is to assist Accountants with their journey into advisory services, specifically into marketing and branding areas. 

Through the Ceezar process, you’ll learn the key fundamental elements that underpin branding and how it can build equity and value in an SME, and marketing that increases lead generation and business growth.

Via the Ceezar Report, the Ceezar Product Suite will be delivered which will assist you the accountant, and your clients in understanding the benefits of what happens when an SME connects brand to business.

The Main Technologies

Ceezar will provide vast amounts of digital and technology knowledge to both you the Accountant and your clients. We’re aware that you’re looking to push into new areas under the orbit of advisory, so Ceezar  simplifies industry lingo and buzz words to ensure the education process and use of the Ceezar Platform is easy.

Ceezar holds hands with both Accountant and Client on a digital excursion, and advise on what digital products should be used, when they should be chosen, and how they will be integrated into the clients business and their brand.

The Relationships Between Ceezar, Account and Client

Ceezar is unique in that we can interface with both Accountant and Client simultaneously, or one or the other. Our flexible model enables communication to flow freely between the network we create together. 

Ceezar cares about your clients numbers as much as you do, so our efforts in brand and marketing activities for your clients will eventually end up on their balance sheet – so we know transparency is key. 

Ceezar is supported by COG Branding marketing agency in Sydney, and the team is at call during standard business hours for both Accountant and Client.

Ceezar and The IPA

Ceezar is focused on providing the Australian accounting network the best and most professional service possible. To truly understand what is needed to deliver against this brief we’ve connected with the IPA and look to give all IPA members the opportunity here with Ceezar.

The Ceezar Report

The Ceezar Report is generated via the “Register Your Client” button on top navigation of the website.

The report uses the G12 equation to build out a strategic plan unique to the Accountants client.

The Ceezar Report presents the most ideal solutions path for the Accountants Clients business, and considers if the business is in a state of survival, repair or growth.

Solutions are offered using the Ceezar Product Suite.

The Ceezar Briefing

The Ceezar Briefing starts when the Accountant clicks on “Register Your Clients” on the top right of the navigation of this website.

Ceezar Briefing collects vital information that the Accountant would know about their client and their business. The information collected at briefing is general and approximate and is vital in allowing Ceezar’s G12 equation to function.

Ceezar Briefing is a confidential and secure process and is not shared beyond the Accountant submitting the information on behalf of their client.

How Ceezar Assists Accountants In Their Advisory Journey


Learn New Technologies

Learn eCommerce

Begin Advisory Services

Build Digital Knowledge

Build Clients Businesses

Help SME Clients Survive

Purse Accountancy Firm Longevity

Strengthen Client Relationships

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