Craft Nation

How the Growth Equation and the Ceezar Products Suite have delivered solutions, value, and growth to an Australian business.

The Home of Cultural Craft

Craft Nation creates truly memorable, fun experiences for children through hands-on arts and craft activities while they learn about the world.

Craft Nation Activity Packs are designed with this in mind. Children get to complete different activities and learn about a country’s culture, traditional cuisine, wildlife, famous landmarks, and festivals.

Craft Nation needed to increase the technology and marketing efforts to reach the desired customer target. The end result was a dynamic business which operated with a strategy and awareness to grow and perform.

Ceezar Products Used

Lean Canvas Workshop

This is a spirited effort in communicating Craft Nation’s ideas clearly and concisely to others so they can get behind it – a simplified business plan. Our Lean Canvas process helps small to medium businesses deconstruct their ideas on a single page using key foundational building blocks.

eCommerce Shopify Website

The Shopify eCommerce CMS website is a high performance mobile responsive eCommerce website. A Shopify CMS website creates the opportunity for small businesses and brands to have an active domain and live high-performance serious eCommerce focused website that displays all critical business information plus a shopping cart across an optimised information architecture which enables the business to eCommerce trade and compete with a quality digital platform of its own.

Velocity Digital Marketing

The Velocity Digital Marketing program manages marketing communications across digital media channels for your business and brand. Velocity creates the opportunity for small businesses to design, deploy, broadcast and actively manage marketing strategies and digital communications using both organic and paid methods while also building website content.

The Results

Pivot of service offering into new markets and channels.

Craft Nation was hit heavily by Covid-19 as the business predominately had a shopping centre events focus.

By taking the brand online and formulating the product suite to function online, the business survived and achieved growth.

Expansion of product service offers to subscriptions

Craft Nation needed to strategically increase return visitation and have customers cycle through the product suite.

A subscription model using Shopify email marketing and CRM software achieved these tasks adding value and function with needing to employ more people or impact the product offer.

Increased word of mouth referrals

Ceezar identified a need to increase the Craft Nation brand equity, as to ensure the brand performs as an autonomous sales agent and ensure to keep the business model lean, but more importantly reach the desired target market and relatively new online audience. 

One of the key outcomes from a strong brand is word of mouth referrals and organic sales growth.

With Craft Nation as a strong brand with equity allows its brand marketing to be leveraged in numerous ways to benefit the business, sales and brand recall.

Craft Nation was able to attract stimulus funding from Federal Government packages.

Activated eCommerce product sales to achieve 200% ROAS

The Craft Nation product offer is a reflection of the brand positioning. Ideally, an achievable price point that has high value and relevance to a young mother demographic.

With a focus on brand awareness and business launch, the performance marketing initiatives and lead generation efforts focused on new customer acquisition at initial launch, and strong retargeting of a warm customer target

Generated MOM/YOY website traffic growth

Craft Nation had no traffic or quality score from search engines such as Google and Bing. Ceezar needed to identify how to generate larger volumes of sustainable traffic to the website, that are valued quality leads. The key here was to build domain equity and domain authority as quickly as possible.

Introduced brand owner to new digital softwares and processes

The Craft Nation business owner had the business operational knowledge and skills just not the in-depth awareness of the what email marketing, CRM’s and websites can achieve for a brand when they are all connected together.

With a thorough education of the digital assets now in place for the business, the client can achieve a level of autonomy that was previously not possible.

What The Accountant Can Learn

Learn how an eCommerce Website sells products

eCommerce can be simple or complicated, it largely depends on the product for sale, and the customer buying.

eCommerce is all about joining these two elements together, and to facilitate this involves numerous third party services working harmoniously like a well tuned race car. These elements include merchant services, website and email technologies and numerous security protocols. 

Lean how digital marketing delivers leads and how much it costs depending on the industry

Digital Marketing is largely focused towards Lead Generation Lead Gen for short, is the process of becoming visible and attractive to a new audience and individuals which are formally called prospects, and turning them into someone who is interested in your brands products and services. Lead Generation is often defined via digital marketing activities such as website news blog posts, events, marketing sales coupons and offers, job applications and online marketing content. 

Learn how eCommerce results are measured

eCommerce has some key metrics to measure how it performs. As an accountant, it’s likely you’ll score A++ in your tests here, all you really need to understand are the acronyms that form the language of eCommerce.

They basically are summations of how much the digital marketing cost to win over the buyer, and measuring this against the sale price of the product, and / or the associated margins.

Learn how eCommerce shows up in accounts eg: MYOB

eCommerce is 100% digital, it pushes and pulls data from one point to another. Here, the softwares involves capture and store data and present it in some crude or detailed formats. How well the digital developers have connected these softwares will determine how they show up in reporting, finance softwares and banking records. 

We all know reconciliation is key, here a neat eCommerce plan will ensure your job is easy.

Learn brand impacts sales and B2B relationships

A strong brand will generate a stronger business, and it’s ability to charge more for services, or win more business from referrals and word of mouth. 

Though how to grow, nurture and manage brand assets is key. Brand values, propositions and emotional communication considerations all form the basis of a strong brand. 

An accountants client might want to sell the business one day. Succession planning is made easy when brand has been considered early on.

Understand Search Engines and how they crawl a website

Google is a beast, it moves fast and has more power than some governments.

Understanding the basics on how the Google landscape performs is simply required knowledge for any business using technology as one of their businesses assets. 

SEO is all about how search engines, like Google, read and register the content on a website. When a business pays attention to this, they will perform better in Google, get found easier, and be able to compete against those in their market.

Ceezar is built for Accountants

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